Saturday, September 05, 2015

Eleven Years of Spokanarama

To many, it seems longer.

I realize there have been many ebbs and flows in the blog. Issues of quality, content, timeliness and overall WTFery have not been a concern for the last 10 years or so. And it shows. I promise to continue this lowering of the bar.  If necessary I will shovel.

There have been some recent developments in my sidewebbiness. I have made or will make sites for all the side projects this blog has spurred. If you go to, there they all are - smack dab and unaesthetically at the top. Some of you know other wacky projects I have shepherded. I will get some of those up there too.  It is not a very nice looking website, but it is functional. Thank you former USSR for design inspiration.

I have two main side projects that I have been involved with lately - Haiku Friday and a book of poetry that I would like to see on the shelves of your local poetry-warehouse/convenience-store sometime in October. I have also thrown my hat in the ring for Poet Laureate of Spokane. What I lack in actual works of poetry, I make up for in a can-do attitude and pluckiness. I promise to bring rhyming back!

Spokanarama has always been my number one. I try to celebrate Spokane more covertly in all my other work, but this blog has been, sometimes,  a gushy love letter to the weird and wonderful place I live and love.

My real job has become busier and I have a lot of work that I will be doing in the upcoming months off duty. I think this will help me get more of the web, writing and art stuff done. For whatever reason, when I am busy, I can really add more stuff on, and it seems to help propel all projects.  

Thanks for your readership and participation.

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