Monday, September 14, 2015


At work, I usually have very little control over the day. There are things that must get done each shift but all those "musts" can fall by the wayside when the bell hits. I can bike through the station doors with the best of intentions. A list sits in my pocket with some specific training evolutions or station work scribbled in only to have the plan shitcanned due to a big fire, unscheduled training by admin, multiple medical calls or other emergencies that pop up during the day (the real job). A shift with twenty calls leaves little time to do more than drink some water and take a leak between the calls. I have to say that these are my favorite kind of days. I like being busy and I enjoy running calls. My grandson Jack gets it!. Thanks to my daughter-in-law, "Li'l Sarah" for the picture.

On my days off, I schedule my activities, or at least I always have a to-do list. Which is pretty weird, I guess. I would imagine most people have very scheduled workdays and look forward to not having a specific schedule on their days off. When I am not scheduling things on my days off, it is a conscious decision - "I am taking a break today." Yesterday, was like that.

Sarah and I did Spokefest yesterday. She hasn't missed one! The only one I missed was last year when I had to work, and to be honest, it took some weight off my shoulders to end the streak. So, yesterday we did the Classic Loop, rode back home, ate and drank at Benneditto's, watched the Seahawks lose, napped, ate popcorn and watched Sense8 episodes (a new favorite here). What a great day!

This morning, I was back on my schedule. So what did it look like?
Run 3.5 miles
Pay some bills, other admin stuff
Errands - Station 11, Library, Grocery shop
Rake pine needles
Pick vegetables
Study for my paramedic recertification
Edit poetry book
Obtain ISBN number, Library of Congress info for poetry book
Design cover art for poetry book
Spokanarama post (hey that's what I'm doing now)
Reading (soon)

These are pretty common tasks. I do something I call "The Spaz Workout" twice a week. Sometimes, I will have longer runs. Haiku Friday takes up time some of the days. I will design new t-shirts and then have to print up shirts as well.

It was a great weekend. My son Ike and I hung out with my brother Joe in Saltese. The heir to the Russian Crown brought us goat milk, bread and a dish towel commemorating George Washington's dad's birthplace. Why am I not blogging about that? We flyfished. Sometimes, you have to deviate from the schedule.

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