Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nasty Rumor - ExMayor Hession and family to move to Campbell House...

My family and I paid a visit to the Campbell House at the MAC today. Always a treat. We did so, this year, because Dennis Hession, now CEO of MAC, announced that, because of budget constraints, MAC would soon be closing Campbell House to the public.

During this time of year, "they" like to involve the public in a "living history" motif throughout the mansion. It's fun (except for the witchcraft trial thing, I never understood this connection) and you learn a lot.

We "overheard" this sotto voce exchange between the hunchback butler (nice job by the way) and the Pakistani maid/burlesque dancer as they were fluffing Mr. Campbell's (RIP) pillow.

Butler: 'Tis a shame that the olde mansion will be closing soon.

Maid: Aye. I only hope that Mr and Mrs Hession will be as benevolent as our current employer who died 100 years or so ago.

Butler: All I know is that the shag carpeting that is waiting to be installed is surely most foul.

And on and on. I don't think this is funny. It is legendary how much time that Mayor Hession devoted to his duties at city hall. If it is true that he and the missus are moving to the exhibit, it only makes sense because he is probably working there 24/7, anyway.

I would certainly can the hunchback. The maid made very good hot chocolate however. Yum.

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