Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remembering the Sock Monkey...

We were doing some remembering of a fire we had on the east side of town, years ago. It was mostly in the attic above a garage. I got up into the scuttle hole and was crawling around, putting it out. Someone above me was cutting a hole inches above my head to ventilate. It was really hot, but became much hotter as burning pieces of freshly chainsawed roof were falling on the back of my turnout coat. Ouch.

But, I was the lucky one. This little fellow didn't have a chance. Imagine if there were feet in those socks.

For the rest of that summer, it seems like sock monkeys, as well as stuffed animals of the plush variety were turning up at almost every house fire.

Sock Monkey R.I.P. We'll always remember you with a smile on your face.


Jan said...

Ok, now you've got me all choked up. Poor sock monkey...poor sock monkey owner!

All the sock monkeys here at Sock Monkey Ranch ran screaming from the room when they saw this picture. They came back in later looking very somber and all of them were wearing black.

It's a sad day at the ranch.

EvilElf said...

My condolences to those at the ranch.

Darn it!