Thursday, June 11, 2009

An inscription found on the bottom of the Costco watermelon -

I thought "Zalgo" may have been the guy's name who picked the melon. Apparently, there's more to "zalgo."

Another reason to fear Mexico?!? First H1N1 and now this?!?!

All I know is I am going to try to work "zalgo" into more conversations.


Jacque Hendrix said...

By all that is holy and Zalgo. Get rid of it! Yet another reason to buy local and/or grown your own.

If you eat it and all of a sudden get a desire to drive *everywhere*, eat nothing but fried foods and move to Southern Mississippi don't say you weren't warned.

*Or* it could be a warning from the bastard that stole Poseidon's Trident.

Anonymous said...