Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of town Hoopfesters laugh at our Arena's artwork...

Did I catch them laughing at the length of this runner's arms? Or maybe it was his running style?

Maybe it was this? I think so.

I am putting out the challenge! Is there any other city's arena/coliseum artwork that can "top" ours?


Hank said...

I find that running with a coordinated arm swing works much better.

I don't know of another city's arena artwork that could qualify as the butt of a joke.

EvilElf said...

You're right Hank! I never caught that the leg arm positioning is the opposite of what it should be.

My God.

I don't think I have really disliked artwork as much as this. Plus, its location seems to mock veterans, denigrate our athletes and humiliate Spokane all in one bizarre fell swoop.

I bet Clinkerdagger's diners' digestion has been affected as well.

There has to be a story behind the artist and this selection.

Butt of a joke. I get it!