Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please vote NO on Tim Eyman's latest attempt to destroy Spokane - Initiative 1033

And don't forget Tim's bestest buddy Mike Fagan is running against Amber Waldref for city council. Hey why not elect a guy to a position where he can witness firsthand the destruction he has wrought? Please vote for Amber.

Jon Snyder has my vote, in my district.

If you are in Nancy McLaughlin's district, please vote for Karen Kearney. Karen isn't so big into the UN takeover theory of Spokane that Nancy subscribes to.

Our city council has been getting saner and saner. Let's keep it up.

Amber Waldref
Jon Snyder
Karen Kearney

No on Initiative 1033.

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Not said...

I'm voting for Kearney simply because McLaughlin is the incumbent, so it should be easier for John Waite (or anyone else) to defeat Kearney in the following election.
- Ventura

EvilElf said...

Not, I like John too. He keeps getting closer and closer!

BiketoWork Barb said...

I-1033 will devastate school funding as well as gut government service at every level. Our streets need enough work already--thanks anyway Tim for your "help."

What's your call on Prop 4? I'm voting no (for these reasons: http://bit.ly/NoProp4).


Bill Foss said...

Barb, I am going to vote NO on Prop 4 as well.

I can understand the frustration that those who support Prop 4 feel, and I really don't think it would be as devastating as the NO people make it out to be. Ultimately, I think the Spokane Bill of Rights would be ignored - just like the city's comprehensive plan has been disregarded.

I do like that Prop 4 is putting the spotlight on issues that have been disregarded in our city - especially around who holds the power and how that power is wielded.

Anonymous said...

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