Thursday, September 17, 2009

This just in... An Insane Killer is on the loose at the Spokane County Fair!

Again, life imitates art.

We've seen this movie before. Will he re-offend at the fair? Maybe he will start a new life. Comedy romance on the midway?

I must admit I haven't been to the fair in three years, after realizing it was virtually the same as the last 10. Not being critical. Not a good thing or a bad thing. But this - this here breaking news story is making me realize that there is always the potential for change in fair programming. I wish I was out there right now.

If you avoid the local television news like a plague of marshmallow butterflies, tonight might be worth watching. AND THEY BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE FAIR! I just hope this story doesn't scoop the 12 minutes of weather, 10 minutes of "sports," and the lost puppy piece. Maybe they can tie the weather into the searching for the mad killer story.

The citizen rage tomorrow over this thing will be a fine wave to ride. This time it might even be warranted - a very strange circumstance in itself.

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John Speare said...

so when is the 5-year-anniversary-spokanarama-celebration-at-the-boozer event, anyway? what gives?