Friday, September 11, 2009

Wine Tour 2009

For over 12 years, our friend Jeff has been coming to Spokane from Washington DC to taste and buy Washington State wine. He then acts as Spokane's unofficial East-Coast oenophile ambassador - a port-plying pied piper. I suspect that if Jeff had a dollar for every East-Coaster he has hooked on our local wines, he would have several dollars (a lot). He would, in turn, buy more Washington wine with these dollars.

Jeff's job at Georgetown University is to arrange conventions and other destination events. Sometimes he has split his stay between our basement and the Davenport Hotel and other flop houses in the area. This 10-day stay, our basement was the sole command central for the taste and buy sorties.

He usually tries to arrange an overnight wine tour (or two) in one of Eastern or Central Washington's local wine scenes, as well as work in a Spokane wine tour. This year it was Yakima and Walla Walla. I went with him to Yakima. A great time.

I'm always grateful to be reminded of the great wine that Spokane produces, and how beautiful our state is. Nationally, Washington is only rivaled by California in the amount of wine produced. I think Virginia is in third place, interestingly.

I like wine fine, but I get burned out on it fairly quick. So, it will be good to take a little break.

Jeff is thinking of moving back to Spokane (He was here for grad school. That's where we met.)

If anybody can think of a job that's open or know somebody who is hiring, Jeff is an extremely capable, smart and very nice guy.

I don't think there's anybody on the East Coast who knows more about the Washington State wine scene than Jeff.


Zach Hunt - Spokane Fitness Trainer said...

There is an old winery for sale on I90 Gieger area.

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