Monday, December 28, 2015


A really great Christmas this year. I had squamous skin cancer on my nose which had to be cut out on the 22nd. I know this is an unlikely transitional sentence. The surgery was cool because I was supposed to work on the 23rd. But, it was actually a pretty big incision on my face with lots o stitches. Not wanting to get the fresh stitches ripped out in a fire, or worse yet, HIV or Hep C or some other virulent agent, vomited upon and into said wound, I took a day of sick leave on the 23rd. Wonderful (but unsightly) setup for Christmas. Aidan took the Greyhound in from Seattle and arrived on the 22nd. Sure was great seeing him. After Christmas, Aidan's girlfriend arrived by Greyhound too. Our house has been rocking!

On the 24th, I cooked a rib roast, vegetarian roast, coconut shrimp, mashed potatoes, vegetarian stuffing, green beans. We put 11 people around the table (well we cheated a little by adding a card table annex to it).

Tried to see the new Star Wars movie on Christmas. It was sold out. So, we came home and watched episodes 4,5,6 instead. Nice.

Lots of reading, a little writing, napping, eating and drinking. Valhalla!

Finally, today, was able to get down to Garageland on Riverside. Very cool space. The music they play is about the best. Looking forward to eating there. There is also some vinyl which I think may be a late Christmas present to me.

On most of the days, I've been able to get some good runs in. Training begins for another springtime ultra and I have lots of Christmas fat to burn off. The snow is unbelievably beautiful and the depth and slipperiness makes for an awesome workout!

Sorry about the gratuitous nose shot. I've never really had surgery before. I hope I'm not turning into one of those old guys. Also, brother and sister firefighters, we are at 1.3 times the risk for skin cancer. If you have an oddball skin thing that has you puzzled, get it looked at ASAP.


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