Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Whirlwind trip to Seattle...

We just have one kid still on the coast. Ike's moved back home after graduating from WWU. Aidan still remains at UW.

When we used to include Bellingham in our offspring visitation slog, it took forever to get up there to see Ike. Now, that we only have to go to Seattle to see Aidan, it takes forever to get there.

We used to have a Buick when I was a kid. My mom called it "Ol Betsy," just like Davy Crockett did his rifle on the TV show. Seems hard to believe Fess Parker has been dead for five years. We lost Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett that fateful day.

Our Betsy was the same model, I believe, but looked like a worn-out hooker compared to this Buick seen in Ellensburg:

They were doing work on the I-90 tunnels just outside the city, so it was about an hour to get from the most easterly tunnel to the U District.

When creeping through the tunnels, you learn a lot. There are plenty of fire extinguishers, hydrants and phones in the side of the tunnels. If you want to escape from the east tunnel - the exit appears to be between the numbers 9 and 10. It looks like you will take stairs up (maybe down, that would be cool). In the west tunnel, your escape is around the letter P. Looks like that door just opens up to the outside - BOOOORING.

When we finally got the crew together, we went to our friend Jeff's place on Capitol Hill. He made us a very nice lunch. Thank you Jeff! Here are the boys and their lovely mother.

Aidan suggested we visit the Seattle Central Library. Holy Cow! The architecture was incredible.  It reminded me of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, but was really much cooler. I wish I had taken more pictures. Being inside this building really got me excited about the next Star Trek TV series. You could shoot some great footage in here. I would think if one were so inclined, this would be a grand place to partake in psychedelic substances. Just walking through the door you are halfway there.

My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures. Here's a non-rainy picture of the exterior from the Wikipediawebs:

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