Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bloomsday 09

Great weather for the run this morning. I am happy with my time - 57:38. It's about 40 seconds faster than last year, but almost 10 minutes slower than 20 years ago.  I don't know what the problem is. 

My training this year has been pretty laid back. A typical schedule is: Day 1 - ride bicycle to work, Day 2 - ride home from work, swim one mile, Day 3 - run 5.5 miles fast, Day 4 - ride bicycle 30 miles or so, swim one mile, Day 5 ride to work, Day 6 - ride home from work, swim one mile, Day 7 - run 9 miles slow, Day 8 - ride 20 miles, swim one mile, Day 9 - ride to work, lather, rinse repeat. The swim thing is something new. I am liking it. I don't believe I am training for a triathlon, but you never know. 

Towards the end of Bloomsday, I always get kinda rummy. My face is covered in snot and sweat (usually my sweat and snot). I am very susceptible to weird cognitive/spiritual dissonance at this stage. Today it happened at the 6.5 mile water station. Some fat pre-myocardial-infarction kid (in his 30s?) told me to "run faster." Things got fuzzy after that. 

My GPS watch showed that I ran an extra .1 mile. I think it must have been from all the sideways movements to breach walls of runners. I think this makes Bloomsday a very fun run. 

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