Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inland Empire Century - A fun ride...

The weather in the Tri-cities was great! I only got lost twice. There was some dialogue on the wisdom of riding the cyclocross bicycle for a hundred miles. Hey, it's the fastest bike I have OK?

Jesse lent me a road wheelset, but it just didn't seem right to do that to the Masi. About mile 70, I was kinda wishing I had gone with the road tires and wheels.

I would advance on the climbs. On the descents I held my own, but on the flats I was left behind. Every climb, I would gain all the distance I had lost. Then, down the hill, and the cycle would start over again and again - like a yoyo, yo.


Rob said...

Sounds like good times!

Anonymous said...

Remarkable phrase and it is duly