Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vegetable garden - check!

When we moved to our home (12 years ago?), the first thing we noticed was a forest of maple saplings - the backyard. After we removed all the little suckers, it was obvious that there wouldn't be enough sunshine for a decent garden. So, we dug up part of the frontyard and stuck it there.

Over the years, Sarah has dug up a lot of the frontyard and has put in many flowers. I've seen many a photographer clicking away on her parking strip wildflower garden on Wall. My vegetable garden always seems to elicit a few questions from walkers. I've given away a lot of stuff too. It's a funny thing. I like weeding, preparing the soil, planting the seeds, etc., but it always seems a little too final to go out and pick the vegetables. So, sometimes, someone wanting some zuchinni is a great incentive to pick.

I am trying a couple of different things this year. One is the grid in the raised bed. I've been reading up on the square foot gardening craze, and I thought that looked like fun. Another is the compost bin you see toward the back of the picture. I've taken the compost out and have put potatoes in there. As they sprout and grow, I will cover them with more straw. From what I've read, we will have a bin full of potatoes in the fall. We'll see!

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