Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild Turkey Encounter Downtown...

No not the Wild Turkey at the Steelhead Grill.

I was riding home this morning and saw this turkey walking up Howard. After I took all these pictures, I realized that maybe this is not uncommon. I've seen 'em in my neighborhood, in the West Central Neighborhood, and other places not "wild."

I'm reminded of when I captured countless images of canada geese, decades ago, in Alaska. I couldn't believe that there were hundreds of them sitting in a park. Amazing. A few years later, I was knee-deep in canada gooseshit at Gonzaga U. There were more geese in Spokane than pigeons or seagulls. All to say, the pictures featured here will probably seem pretty dorky, pretty fast - maybe even instantaneously.


blush response said...

Spokane's new pigeons: turkeys.

EvilElf said...

They will certainly give the sparrows and seagulls a run for their money when they migrate to Dick's.

Tyson Habein said...


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