Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eloika Lake ice fishing.

Fairly good ice fishing out at Eloika yesterday. Enough for some fish tacos with homemade tortillas for dinner. Saw more bald eagles. I wonder when these birds will cross into the pest category. Will we have eagles knocking over our garbage cans and eating our cats this time next year?

While it stayed foggy in Spokane, it was clear on the lake. The ice was about 10 inches thick. My auger is a museum piece that has the little sharpened spoon at the end instead of the more efficient corkscrew dealios of today. When you drill a hole with this thing, you sure don't want to drill another, so you tend to be a little more patient minding your own i-hole.

Ice fishing is the best. If you go by yourself, it is a great time to think and chill (really). If you go with others, it's a really fun social event and your beer always stays cold.

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