Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mt. Spokane in 3D and in my face.

Ran home from work yesterday morning after a fairly busy night.  Sarah had everything packed for some cross-country skiing.

It was very sunny on top. Down below was cloudy/foggy. These are some of those cross-eyed 3D pictures. Click on one and go for it. Yes, I believe that is my finger in the shot. I should do a review of the Fuji Finepix Real 3D camera some day. It won't be pretty.


About two miles out, I realized one of my 25 year-old boots was coming apart.

After another two miles, both my boots started separating from their soles.  Then we made a wrong turn onto some ungroomed black diamond icy stuff. We slowly began our way around Horse Mountain and Quartz Mountain. I started falling down. Did I mention I ran home from work before this? I robbed one of my ski poles of its strap to bind up the worst of the boots and walked.  Sarah walked with me in solidarity.  We didn't see anyone else for almost 2 hours. Oh, and because I was in a hurry,  I didn't pack the usual modest survival gear, or print out a map. At least the weather and company were nice.

Popped out at the Nova Hut and then I put the skis back on for the remaining mile or so back to the parking lot. But, both had separated so badly, I resumed my falling down hills protocol and walked the last half mile back. All told about 9 miles (I think) of ski walking. And today, I had to put in a 10 mile run to stay on schedule of where I want to be this spring.

I might be ready for some new boots. Beer never tasted so good.

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