Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nasty Rumor - ExMayor Hession and family to move to Campbell House...

My family and I paid a visit to the Campbell House at the MAC today. Always a treat. We did so, this year, because Dennis Hession, now CEO of MAC, announced that, because of budget constraints, MAC would soon be closing Campbell House to the public.

During this time of year, "they" like to involve the public in a "living history" motif throughout the mansion. It's fun (except for the witchcraft trial thing, I never understood this connection) and you learn a lot.

We "overheard" this sotto voce exchange between the hunchback butler (nice job by the way) and the Pakistani maid/burlesque dancer as they were fluffing Mr. Campbell's (RIP) pillow.

Butler: 'Tis a shame that the olde mansion will be closing soon.

Maid: Aye. I only hope that Mr and Mrs Hession will be as benevolent as our current employer who died 100 years or so ago.

Butler: All I know is that the shag carpeting that is waiting to be installed is surely most foul.

And on and on. I don't think this is funny. It is legendary how much time that Mayor Hession devoted to his duties at city hall. If it is true that he and the missus are moving to the exhibit, it only makes sense because he is probably working there 24/7, anyway.

I would certainly can the hunchback. The maid made very good hot chocolate however. Yum.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot!

A perfect day for running! The Turkey Trot is the funnest thing about Thanksgiving since Squanto convinced the Puritans that popping kernels of corn were actually demons which would possess their children if they did not worship satan.

It's a mighty melange of walkers and runners of all stripes. Strollers abound and so do dogs on leashes. Money and food is hauled in for Second Harvest. Everybody is in a festive mood. No registration. No official times. For some, no official course.

It's another great Spokane tradition!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remembering the Sock Monkey...

We were doing some remembering of a fire we had on the east side of town, years ago. It was mostly in the attic above a garage. I got up into the scuttle hole and was crawling around, putting it out. Someone above me was cutting a hole inches above my head to ventilate. It was really hot, but became much hotter as burning pieces of freshly chainsawed roof were falling on the back of my turnout coat. Ouch.

But, I was the lucky one. This little fellow didn't have a chance. Imagine if there were feet in those socks.

For the rest of that summer, it seems like sock monkeys, as well as stuffed animals of the plush variety were turning up at almost every house fire.

Sock Monkey R.I.P. We'll always remember you with a smile on your face.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cork & Keg

Went to the Cork and Keg Festival last night. We hadn't done that in five years or so. Last time, Sarah and I walked to it, but this year's was in the valley, so we had to drive. Our friend was in from D.C., and he is a Washington wine fan. In fact, I don't know anyone who is a bigger cheerleader for WA wines than him. It borders upon obsession, me thinks. It worked out well that he was here for Cork and Keg... kind of.

Spokane has great wineries. We usually visit them all at least a couple of times a year. We always drink WA wines at our home and many are from Spokane wineries.

This was a short midweek visit from my friend, so we were only able to hit a few wineries before the festival. We had to drive up to Green Bluff and visit Townshend yesterday because we knew they weren't going to be at the Cork and Keg. As always, this winery visit was great. Jill is consistently a great host. The atmosphere is relaxed but not sleepy. It's a fun place. Townshend has a nice selection of gizmos and trinkets, but it isn't a gift shop that moonlights as a winery. Some places are. Townshend has a great variety of wines too. All are very good to excellent (in my opinion). You will buy at least one bottle there. The wine is that good. Most walk out with a case.

The majority of Spokane wineries are like Townshend - great places to visit - comfortable, friendly, relaxed and educational.

The Cork and Keg is what it is. It is almost the opposite of visiting a Spokane winery.

It's not really the festival's fault. It's just that there's a loud multitude of people - all scrambling to get their $40 worth of wine, beer and food. The vendors are friendly, but it's a frenzy - a packed frenzy.

I think it takes me five years to forget what bugs me about this wine (and beer) fest. I'll be back in 2013.

Monday, November 03, 2008

No Obama Equals Socialism!

Ah, Spokane Valley, you truly are not in the control group. This was by the Lowes on Sprague. Or maybe Obama isn't a socialist in the a.m. That must be it. Don't forget to send in your Haiku (see post below).

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Spotted this at the McDonalds on Third. There is something about the restaurants on Third. They all have a dirty, desperate feel to them. Yet, the Taco Bell has tolled for me, many a time. I don't know if this "Easy Cheese" container is some sort of smear against the mayor of McDonalds. There is some cheese remaining in an ejaculated state right at the tip of the actuator/nozzle.

This snapshot reminds me of something you might see as a prompt for a creative writing exercise. So how about this. Let's keep it simple. Haiku. 5, 7, 5. Submit your Haiku as a comment and I will post it to the body of this text, as well. Or you can email me directly. Either way, I'll put it here:

Extreme Haiku Poetry Corner Place

Compressed curds and whey
Squirts puddles of pleasure and
Makes my smile orange.

Cold crusty ending
A dying breath calls out for
Its quarter-pound love

Mayor McCheese weeps
A Fillet O Fish was his
Was burgled, instead

arches of gold lure me in
canned cheese seduces
but would you like fries with that?
Steve G.