Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dog Daze

Look what crashed in our backyard! Aidan had bought this on eBay years ago. It's missing some pieces and appraised at zero value. Aidan doesn't want it anymore, so Sarah planted the big ass Millennium Falcon where hopefully it will rise and engage the turkeys that have come home to roost. There's a metaphor in there some place. Things have been extremely happy around here. Ike and his girlfriend now have an apartment close by. Lovely Sarah and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. My mom celebrated her 81st birthday. I've been writing a lot (just not in this blog). Our grandkids are cute, happy and healthy. Their parental units - Kirk and Sarah - amaze me every day by what fine parents they are. We are surrounded by loving family and friends. I'm about ready to do some painting again. The garden is kicking ass. The beer brewing is good. Work has been great. Wow. Last year, I was busy writing poetry for my book - Spokane Summer. This year I have taken up a project that I abandoned as a child and that has been taking up some time. Hopefully more on that later!