Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hat making!

I am getting pretty fast at making hats.
They have a kind of post-apocalyptic feel and look. This kind of goes for anything that I crochet, and it's not on purpose. I think Kahn would have rocked my stuff.
But with a head of hair like that, would he had even wanted to? Wish I could say that he was holding a crochet hook but Tyrell and Chekov know better.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

NCAA DIv 2 National Cross Country Championships were held in Spokane today!

GO Western!

Here's the start:

Ike and his team did really well. Twentieth in the nation (for Div2). Not quite as good as where they were ranked, but good!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Health E. Hound

This eight foot tall canine mascot for United Health Care was at Tom's Turkey Drive in the valley this morning. He has a nice bedside manner.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

An indispensable resource

Last week, my buddy Jeff and I did the brewery walk/bus trip that Sarah, my brother Joe and I came up with this summer. Jeff and I added The Lantern to it, just to practice for when the South Perry brewery opens. It was a very rainy/snowy day and I think we wound up walking about seven miles. Sarah joined us at Budge Brothers, so we did wind up taking a ride (cheaters).

I ran by River City Brewery today and it looks like their tasting room is either ready or just about. They have hours posted. Ramblin' Road is slated to open in December.

What this means is that there will be six breweries that will be accessibly clustered in three areas of town. 1. River City and Steamplant, 2. No-Li and Ramblin Road and 3. Budge Brothers and Mountain Goat. Really, it's not a bad walk to do all six or you could bus in between the three clusters. The best will be by bike (or maybe a run). The tricky part is coalescing the limited hours the breweries are open. Saturday would probably be your best bet.

I know there are more breweries a'comin' and that I am neglecting Airway Heights, Spokane Valley and Post Falls favorites, but you could do these six in the afternoon and still ride up to Beneditos for dinner (and beer). It's a good start anyway.

And you should have a map. The Inland Northwest Ale Trail map is not only very functional but its design is enticing and makes one pine for camping in the pines. Here it is.


Saw this phenomenon on the weather channel website.

I feel bad for the people living on the corners.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My talented neighbor!

You can hear my neighbor, Phyllis' voice on the radio and see her sometimes on TV. A couple of weeks ago, she asked me to help her make some videos for her reel. Here is the first. Phyllis condensed Sorry, Wrong Number down to just over 3 minutes. I think she does a great job!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank Gawd.

My Rosauers has always had a free horse ride outside its doors. One that looked like this:
Then, a while back it broke down. They replaced it with this thing that played some inane song while kids rode in its carved out carcass. What was the song? I wish I could remember. Puff the Magic Dragon? White Rabbit? Whatever. I hadn't yet aken a picture of it, but I found this here:

I believe this is a photograph of what replaced the mechanical horse of yore. Maybe it's not a dragon. Could be a dinosaur with mumps or a tobacco-chewing Loch Ness monster. Either way, a kid gets to sit on its eviscerated spine. A bow tie and a baseball cap? Something Charles Krauthammer would wear. Happy to see that sanity again prevailed and now there's this instead:
This might be even better than the horse. I mean look at the horns on this thing. And those hooves! I haven't seen it in action. Those hooves and horns had to have messed up someone by now. I would ride it, but if it buckled under my weight,  we might end up with this:
found here.

It would still be better than the chubby-cheeked thing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Turkey Fight in the Neighborhood

I think I am going to have my own film style that will need a tall rectangular screen for showings.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spokane Hosts 2013 NCAA Division II West Regional Cross Country Championships.

Yesterday, Plante's Ferry Park was the site for the 2013 NCAA Division II West Regionals. Teams from California, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii and just about all western states were in Spokane for this event. Ike's team, Western Washington University, took 4th. The women's team took fifth, so they both move onto Nationals which will be... in Spokane! This is two weeks from now, again at Plante's Ferry. Ike did really well, second on his team and 20th overall, putting him solidly on the All Regional Team. 

The WWU Team really enjoyed Spokane. The last time they were here, they stayed in the valley. This time they stayed downtown and took in the Spokane sights. One of their major scores was found at the clearance center at Macy's. They all found matching elflike sport coats which they rocked on the podium afterward. An opposing team said they wished they had as nice of uniform. 

Ike ran the 10k in 32:32 with a pace of 5:15 per mile. The winner from Chico State was at 4:57 per mile.  These guys and gals look like they are flying across the course. It is amazing to watch. If you like running at all, come to Plantes Ferry on November 23rd and see runners from all over the nation compete.