Friday, November 28, 2014

Portal into the primeval.

Was riding my bike home this morning when I saw what looked like an ordinary pothole, 2'x2.5', in the middle of the street, just north of Manito pond at the 18th and Division curve.

Upon further inspection it looks like it is about 2 to 2.5 feet deep, extending into a little cave, maybe 6 feet long heading toward the pond. The roof of the cave is pretty much the two inches of asphalt. Yesterday, the hole might have swallowed Turkey Trotters on their way to the run. 

I called Dispatch and asked for the Street Department to block off the road and then stopped in to let Station 9 know what the dealio was. When those guys got there to cone it off, the Street Department already had it blocked off.

No sign of buried treasure or even any dinosaur eggs in the cave.  Still pretty cool to see. Usually I only see cavitation like this around broken water mains. There you go.

Update. Looks like the street will be shut down for a while:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nice little play!

If you are looking for something different to do, check out Stage Left's production of  The Thread Men. I have been wanting to go to this theater for quite a while, and finally Sarah and I got the chance last night. The Thread Men is a one-act play that has a neat plot and some fine acting. It costs $10 to see. I liked this production and the theater itself - a lot.

I have really been getting back into live theater lately. We saw The Glass Menagerie at The Modern Theater (formerly known as Interplayers) last week. I find it very engrossing to be that close to the actors and am always very moved by their courage and their work.

The Thread Men will be Stage Left's entry for Washington State Kaleidoscope Theatre Festival.

If you want to see the transformation from a small storefront to a very cool theater, click here. 

Stage Left, in their mission statement, lets us know that the reason they are doing what they are doing is to make theater a transformative experience for all. I think this is a very noble goal and Spokane needs them to keep hammering away. Please support them and go see a play!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello my name is...

 The United Federation of Planets has opened the door for many to serve in Star Fleet.

Juli, here, from the Gamma Quadrant, may seem alien to us Terrans, but back on her home planet, she's a beauty. Juli, thanks for your service. Welcome to Spokane!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Award winning...

Bought this can of steel cut oatmeal. We have a new pressure cooker, and the machine cuts the cooking time down to about 7 minutes. It usually takes significantly longer to make the steel cut stuff on the stove. 

McCann's won a "Uniformity of Granulation" certificate in 1893 at the Chicago Exhibition. And nothing tastes better than uniform granulation.  I know that "they," not "me," won the award, but I feel like this uniformity of granulation is now inside of me, and today I felt proud to be a part of something bigger, something more uniform and granulated. It fueled a 12.5 mile run quite nicely, to boot.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

My nephew Joey's love of Halloween

My nephew, Joey, and his girlfriend made an amazing Halloween Haunted House. He says that over 1000 people visited it last night. He was also collecting food for the food bank and there were tons of donated canned goods for Second Harvest. Joey is leaning on the auctioneer's podium. In a few hours there will be a man in a top hat standing there, auctioning off zombies. The zombie holding pen is to the right of Joey.

 You can click this picture. Make it bigger. Cross your eyes, and be 3Demented. "Ooooh Scary!" - Count Floyd.

Joey's efforts made the local news last week too. You can watch the video or read the story here.

Now that it's the day after Halloween, I will give you a little daylight tour without the actors, without the lights and special effects. I am really impressed by the work Joey and April did. They really are artists and worked hard to give something to their community.

 Really big spider meal.
 You don't want to pick any of these apples.
 Really cool fence that they made around the compound.
 Repurposed Santa finds gnome duty delicious.
 Lots of inanimate stuff with real actors mixed in when you least expect it.
 Vampire chickens!
They even have a daycare available.
Through the swamp.
 Hanford Swamp.
 Witches enjoying their dinner.
 Must be Chinese food because those look like chopsticks.
Until next year.

The pictures don't really do justice to the project. There are also a lot of tunnels, sound effects, lighting effects and it sounds like about 20 live actors too. Joey was going to zombie flash mob the place later in the night. Very cool!