Saturday, July 20, 2013

BGE Table and Cabinet

The carts that people build for their egg usually have the egg sitting inside of it. These tables are pretty big too.

I already had wheels for mine and they've been nice for moving it around, especially as the seasons change and I move the BBQ a little closer when the snow flies. Plus, I really didn't want to just throw away the wheels and lose the mobility.

I built it out of cedar.

The top is rocket ship shaped.

I don't really like the whole dirty-BBQ-tools-hanging-on-the-front look, so there's a little box on the side that holds them. It also catches the bottle caps from the bottle opener above. Cool.
At first, I stained it a light redwood color. I didn't like that, so I dug around the shed and found some really old dark stain. I liked that better.  I hope the egg end doesn't catch on fire, but if it does, the  rocket ship motif will really look great.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A great send-off yesterday for a great guy.

Firefighters from all over the nation, and more than likely Canada, gathered yesterday to say goodbye to John Knighten. Spokane was a beautiful place yesterday and last night. Thanks to everyone in Spokane for being such great hosts and showing everyone what a great town we are.