Monday, December 29, 2014

Bennidito's Car-nage Continues!

Before the big Lincoln Street construction project,  Bennidito's parking lot was a little smaller. Walking to the grocery store, we would always pass cement parking curbs which had been pushed into the street by, what I would assume, were patrons who partook too many beer buddies and the beer to which the beer buddies are buddied. These hunks of precast cement were scattered about the sidewalk and street. Occasionally they would be replaced, only to, once again, suffer the same fate that very night. Apparently, if your SUV is big enough, and your bar tab is big enough, you don't notice the whole curb thing.

Now that the parking lot has been enlarged, it also features a beautifully ornate street lamp. Yellow poles have been wisely placed to protect the street light. Here is the result:

It's a smorgasbord of various broken taillights - both foreign and domestic. I would like to make something out of them. If I did, I would gift it to Bennidito's. Still my favorite restaurant.

But here's the thing, and I don't want to sound like an ass,  but you probably would never bust out your taillights at Bennidito's, if you rode a bike, took the bus or walked to Spokane's best pizza and beer. One of the reasons we moved where we did 18 years ago was so we could easily walk to the grocery store, restaurants, parks, etc. We could only afford a reasonably-sized house because of this decision. And that too, has been a very good thing. When Bennidito's moved into the neighborhood shortly after we did, we considered ourselves even more fortunate.

There are bus stops all around Bennidito's. If you live close by it's walkable. There are places to lock your bike. You could even drive your big-ass vehicle and park it in the very large Rosauer's parking lot and walk up the one flight of stairs to Bennidito's.

If you have too good of a time (which is easy to do, I know) you could easily do more than just hit some inanimate yellow poles while backing out a car or truck which barely fit in the lot when you were sober.


John Speare said...

ha! great post. I noticed that carnage (get it, CARnage...) when I was photo'ing some turkeys fighting the evil Bennitditos Window Turkey Clones the other day:

as for the carnage. i hate to admit the petty feeling of schadenfreude I get when i see that... I'm a bitter little man.

EvilElf said...

I'm glad you got my pun. I too am a bitter old man!

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

They probably backed into the bollard as they were rushing to get away from that depressing atmosphere (which is amplified by the mediocre pizza and service-with-an-attitude).

I live four blocks away and readily drive to Flying Goat or elsewhere.

John Speare said...

i skipped right over your pun... (pretty pictures...). Didn't realize your whole post was based on the pun i thought i had come up with. duh.

speaking of duh, the ice, she's thick, no?

EvilElf said...

The ice is thick and bumpy, John. Not a fun commute. TBCC, Adrian, if you are fortunate enough to have her take your order, is a dynamo. She has reaffirmed my faith in the place.