Monday, April 18, 2016

3D balsam root goodness

Every year, in this blog, I rant about how beautiful the arrow leaf balsam root is. I think I've also included 3D pictures for many years too. Well, why stop now? THIS YEAR IS THE BEST EVER!

Sarah and I were down on the High Drive trails two days ago, and I took these pictures. For those of you who are new here, the gist is that you click on a picture to make it bigger, cross your eyes while looking at the picture. You should be able to make a third - middle - picture of the two. It will look like it is in 3D! Really!

Before we get to the pictures, and I made a plug for this in my Haiku Friday Periscope broadcast, it's all finished now, but next year consider participating in a GetLit session. I am a big fan of poetry (duh) and love hearing our local poets do their thing. Last year's sessions inspired me to write my little poetry book Spokane Summer.

OK! On with the show! This is it!

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