Friday, August 20, 2021

Bigfoot. Little skull.

Last winter, I really got into making things with air-dry clay. This Buddha was made from cardboard, papier maché and air-dry clay. 

And when it started cracking and going to hell, concrete and lots of waterproofing. 

I believe it is now a performance piece, of sorts. Not killing the Buddha when I meet him, but letting him crack, calve, and then dissolve back into the good earth.

My initial plan was to make a mold of him, and then create concrete statues from the mold. But, life is suffering and surrendering. 

In order to explore how to create casts (not castes), I made a quick little statue. In keeping with my fixations, it was a Sasquatch head. I was going to make a mold of it and then start leaving these heads around town. But, I didn't. 

Finally got tired of looking at it in the studio, so I enshrined it. That wiring and antenna are all part of my vision of what Sasquatch might be - animatron, android, alien?

I like the idea of these little shrines and will make more. But no more air-dry clay. This thing weighs about five pounds! And I did just acquire some glow-in-the-dark paint...

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