Thursday, December 03, 2009

War continues to subvert the dominant paradigm...

A trip to the dollar store, zip ties, safety wire, duct tape, coroplast signs and bungee chords - so far, a great kick off to the holiday season.

I think I have been to a dollar store maybe twice - until last week. Went to the one by Hastings on 29th - no made-in-China $5 trees. Sarah suggested the store on Ray on 14th or 15th. What a place. When you walk in, the depression envelopes you like a blanket of doom. Every third florescent light is burned out. Christmas music softly drifts - the tape player's timing is just a little off. The place is empty. Crushed boxes of trees made from the finest Chinese plastic detritus are neatly stacked. Checkers stand silent at their posts - staring blankly ahead. The perfect place to outfit the latest XtraCycle adventure. This setup is going to look great in July. The bungee chords give the tree just the right, in kilt parlance, "sway."

The Monkeylectric front wheel light is everything I thought it would be.


Hank Greer said...

They didn't have the Christmas lights that are powered by two C-cell batteries?

BTW, nice article in Out There Monthly. And this is a killer quote: "A real cheap bike that just slurps up the deicer like urine margaritas."

Yeah, baby!

EvilElf said...

Thanks Hank! The writer worked hard to make me sound like I knew what I was talking about - an unbelievable job.

Hey, the lights are powered by 2 AAs (Wallgreeens).

SiouxGeonz said...

I much prefer the 2-AA that LEDs make possible. Your tree trumps my pink one but I am confident we are doing much to exude a cacophonous chord in defiance of depression. Enjoyed the article, too!

KG said...

One of the most amazing holiday trees I have seen. Can't wait to see it with the Monkey lights for full effect!