Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brew Run Run on Saturday!

The route I would like to take is River City, NoLi, Iron Goat, Budge Brothers, Ramblin Road and end at Steam Plant. This is possible if River City opens at noon instead of their usual 3 pm. This route assures food at the end of the longest leg and at the very end (NoLi and Steam Plant), although, probably Iron Goat and RR will have food wagons.  Both Downtown breweries - River City and Steam Plant open later than any of the others. I have emails out to confirm their hours aren’t extended for the St. Patrickal doings.

Another option would be to hit NoLi (opens at 11), Ramblin Road (1), Iron Goat (2), Budge Bros (2), River City (3), Steam Plant (3). Really, there are a lot of ways to do this.

I look forward to adding Perry Street Brewing to the walking/biking/running/bus brewery tour roster. It is opening today, and I want to let the dust settle. Besides, this run will be anywhere from six to eight miles already and I want to give the plantar fasciitis a little break this weekend.

This is a test run (literally) for Sarah and me of the usual brewery line up. I will tweet our progress as long as I can and keep you posted. Aiming to hit the first brewery one-ish. Too bad The Ram or Birkebeiner isn’t still in business it would have plugged some brewery holes in the map. Maybe we’ll see you on the trail or in the breweries. And if we get thirsty in between, there are lots of watering holes!

Click the image above to make it readable. I will probably figure out the actual route tomorrow and will post that too. Probably. 

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