Monday, March 17, 2014

Brew Run Run One Review!

The actual route.

The plan:

On Saturday, Sarah and I tried out the running and drinking route which we have only experienced, thus far, by walking and bus. Worked out really well. The Iron Bridge is the key to making this journey. My GPS watch died at the last brewery (River City). I am thinking it was probably about 12 miles round trip.

Here is a pictorial round up:

 No-Li - Spin Cycle, Skyrail.

Ramblin' Road Dubbel, Saison, Grisette.

 Iron Goat -  Trashy Blonde.  Garbage Pale. Bleating Red Ale.

Budge Brothers - Hop train, Orangutan, 509, 13th Reindeer.

 SteamPlant - Jalepeno Ale.

Tracy and Max Martin caught us in the act!

River City - Imperial Pilsner and VB Stout. Oops forgot to take the picture until, burp...

The beer was all great. If you care for me to name favorites, email me and I will let you know. The only big critique was the lack of bike racks (we were also scouting to make this a bike tour too).

Most breweries have bike racks ordered and one who didn’t have racks said that patrons could bring
their bikes inside. So, I think that should not be a problem this summer when it may be too hot to run.

We had a good time running the route, but biking would open it up to more people and would be a  more social event for Spokane beer pilgrims. Perry Street Brewery will be an easy add to the beginning of the route. An extended route could include Orlison, 12 Strings and Selkirk Abbey. Probably best for biking.

So, if you want to run or bike 10 to 12 miles, and at the same time drink away a Saturday, please consider this route!

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