Saturday, June 24, 2017

Haiku Friday on Saturday!

Haiku Friday June 23, 2017
on Saturday June 24, 2017

you make me see things darker.
i've recently heard of "normal people's" happiness 
you stripped my normal happiness
like you stripped my sleeping body  -  Gracie

Peruse through Peru, It's funny to see the words, Lake Titicaca.   Don

Notch eared stray tabby.
Nineteen years. Painful joints. Farts.
Flies with party hats.

Quiet, like a cat
  sprawled on the living room floor
    licking at his junk. Stine

Time to let it go:
  vestigial womanhood;
    that pink gingham dress. Stine

You'd better rest up
Lest you create some upchuck
No Tourista Bug! Stine

What is going on?
Not a thing as I had planned
Maybe tomorrow. Phyllis 

   The right and left wing
          Can't fly without the other
              Parts of the same bird

Only one chance at life. 
Seek out all, enrich oneself. 
No fear. Follow love. Jack

Three traits to work on
Bravery, truth and kindness

Connected opposed  - me