Friday, June 16, 2017

How a bout a little Haiku Friday?

Haiku Friday, June 16, 2017

A New Moon haiku!
All possibility is
Right before our eyes. Eve

So subliminal. Almost too subtle I think. Covert poetry. Bob

Nixon did it too! You guys are crazy that way. How do you do that? Doug

Sometimes I'm surprised,
The eloquence of the rhymes,
Think I'll do it twice. Tyson

Haiku withdrawal
For seven days we wait sad
Syllables on hold  Grace

Work to do today
While my friend Maeve gets to play
Still happy for her!   Christen

 Out in the alley
  Methy misunderstandings
    long before sun-up. Stine

So many poppies --
  red petal-paper unfurled,
    fleeting dominions. Stine

For a brief moment
                 Aloft in the still darkness 
                     Higher than the moon

Happy Birthday Don, 73 isn't old, Russia is coming. Don

Train car commandos
Loco laughter pulls tears
And I'm back on track   Me

Why grieve potential?
Future deserves its repast

Seedling lifts much soil  Me