Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike to Work Week!

OK. I have kind of a confession to make.

I have biked, on and off, to work since 1980 or something. The last few years, I have only used my bike to get (unless I walked or ran) to and from work. However for the last year or so, I have not done much in the way of running errands on my bicycle.

I think because I was riding a lot for recreation and also running a bunch to prepare for some really long runs, getting on a bicycle to go to the hardware store, liquor store or greenhouse seemed like a lot of work.

I work 24 hour shifts a couple or more times a week. So even though, it sounds good, it's not that big of deal to say that I always ride to work. Now that my long runs are behind me for a while, I will start doing as many errands as possible on the bicycle.

So, I kicked it off today by running up to the Ace Hardware on Regal to get some charcoal. I also tried out the new Hiking Sport Kilt to see how it worked for cycling garb. I have ran in it and it worked good for that.

After riding, I would say I was glad to be wearing something underneath it. So why not just wear bike shorts to begin with? Other than the freaking-out-drivers factor (which is good), is there any reason to cycle wearing this kilt? Probably not. I think if one were biking someplace far away as a destination, it would be nice to wrap the kilt around and then drop the bike shorts once you got there. That would feel pretty good I think.


John Speare said...

If you can wear a kilt -- then that's reason alone. Men who wear kilts and ride xtracycles get to make up their own kilt rules.

BTW: that hardwood charcoal runs hotter than the kingsford stuff. A lot hotter. In my experience, it's great for grilling. Not so great for long-haul slow cooking.

Anonymous said...

Biking in a kilt. That rocks.