Monday, April 25, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving!

Last year at this time, my thoughts were on the Windermere Marathon. The course turned out to be quite short, requiring a turn around at the finish. Months later, I tried on my shirt and it proved to be a very strangely proportioned garment. When I contacted the organizers, they said they had many complaints and would get me a new one. This promise was a nice gesture.

This morning, I noticed an email saying that there would be fairly substantial charge on my credit card to "renew" membership to "Active Advantage." WTF? Who is this? So, after some log-in attempts to ascertain what this was all about, I finally found success. Active Advantage was the website in which I had to register for, you guessed it, the Windermere Marathon. That's how they had my credit card number.

I have to say that Active Advantage took care of the problem immediately, no questions asked (we'll see what the bank statement says in a few days). And I was able to enjoy this on-hold music for a while:

I sure hope the third time is the charm for the Windermere Marathon this year. I mean this. Yet, I might start wearing my shirt (never replaced) around town to help them advertise. It certainly would spur some conversation.

If you ran the marathon last year, you may want to check your junk email for "Active Advantage" and your credit card statement.

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