Sunday, April 17, 2011

River Run 2011!

We didn't do the 50K, this year. Sarah did the 25K. I did the 10K and Ike did the 5K. We all did pretty good. I did 7:10 splits on the miles, which is faster than I expected running on the trails - way faster!

Really looking forward to Bloomsday. I am on the city's corporate cup team and was a little worried about how ready I would be for it. It's funny when you run for a team (even though I haven't met anyone on the team) how you can get a little worried about "letting the team down."

After the race I ran into a gal I recently met who was visiting from Baltimore plus neighbors, friends from work and even Hank!

On a strange note - I went for a swim afterward. I was getting dressed afterward and put on a pair of brand-new socks. I could feel something in one of them. Took the sock off and pulled out what looked to be a toenail. I thought this odd. It wasn't that long of a run. Which toenail did I lose? Upon examination, all my toenails were present.

When I returned home, I showed Sarah the toenail. She said, "I know exactly which toenail this." I said, "I know the one you're thinking of. It isn't it." Her incredulity prompted a quick sock removal. There was the suspect toenail, still intact, as I had stated. We are both flummoxed.

I wonder if these socks were returned.

They were made in the USA, so I know at least it's an American toenail.

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