Sunday, April 10, 2011

Xtracycle doodads

I confess I am, when it comes to bicycling bloggers, kind of lame.

I only have three bikes. I couldn't tell you what components are on them, who manufactured the tires, gear ratios or what. I bicycle year-round but not very well. I don't race. The fastest bike I own has a basket in front. I am not very good at maintaining my bikes. I oil the chains maybe twice a year, change my tires when the tubes keep getting punctured and put new brake pads on when the metal is on the metal. I've never built a wheel.

I think I would like to be more of an in-the-know cyclist, and maybe someday I will be. That being said, every year, I change up the Xtracycle. This usually occurs outside of winter when my thoughts of bicycling are less survivalistic and more optimistic. Because of my lack of bicycle mechanical smarts, the enhancements are usually along the lines of entertainment spectacles. One year it was the sound system. The next year it was the light show on the front wheel. Then there was the Christmas Tree. In a break from tradition, I did this one in the winter. Why not?

Two weeks ago, I put campus pedals on the long bike. Very nice. Also, after reading about John's experiences with sandals, I gots me some of them too. The pedals and sandals are both from Nashbar. I like the look of the sandals - an obvious USSR - North Korean joint venture. I was surprised at how much smoother the spd system is than what I am used to (Crank Brothers).

Other than being in class all last week (8am- 5pm) looking at stuff like this:

, I have been running long and swimming a lot. I am really looking forward to bicycling other than for transportation. That will come in May I think.


John Speare said...

Sandals. Check. Socks. Check. You're in. You don't need to know how to build a wheel.

EvilElf said...

Yeah, I think I do everyone a favor by wearing socks!

Rachel said...

Very nice sandals!
I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of airflow in my Keen sandals...