Monday, September 06, 2010

Bold, Innovative Campaign Pledge!

This is very interesting. Let me get this straight. If you are elected, you will provide more jobs and get rid of taxes!??!?!! Wow!!!! That is really something. I bet you are taking a lot of flak for this unpopular platform.

I have to confide, I like candy. Will you give me free candy too? Maybe you can "trim the fat," and "fill the pot holes" while you're at it.

Sheeesh. Really?


Justin said...

He probably means "No!" to new taxes, which would lead to "Yes!" to new jobs...because small businesses will have more money to employ people. It seems a bit short sighted on your part to deconstruct a political poster which has no room to expound on its claims, while you have your entire blog page (even though you wrote a really brief post which was shockingly elementary). If you really disagree with the politician's position, you should have the decency to provide both sides of the issue, provide facts against your opponent, while providing facts which support your position. Otherwise, this is a pretty pointless post. Good luck next time, or maybe you could edit this POS post.

EvilElf said...

Justin, Actually in cities where there are higher taxes, there are more jobs - Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, etc., etc. It's always been this way.

And why is that?

Study after study shows that businesses relocate to/establish in communities for two reasons - quality of life and the educational opportunities of a city... That's it.

If you want to not adequately fund a city and turn it into a shit hole where businesses don't have to pay much in the way of taxes and create a race to the bottom, good luck. See who wants to live there, work there, have a business there. There are plenty of places like that around the globe already. The funny thing is you don't see a lot of small businesses relocating to Sudan or Somalia.

But my post was not about this, not about political positions, economic theory or anything like that. The campaign sign is not my opponent, nor is the person it is endorsing, as you suggest.

"No taxes" "Yes jobs" "Cut the fat" "Fill the pot holes" "solutions not politics" are just such blatant examples of idiotic, unfulfillable jingoism. I made this post because I couldn't believe this simplistic crap really still works on anyone anymore. And then I received your comment, and I am proved wrong. So, the point goes to you on this.

Thanks for the wishes of "good luck." I wish you the same!

Justin said...

If you dont' mind, post the link to the study, please. Oh excuse me...the study after study (implying multiple studies), because you dramatically imply that higher taxes equals more jobs because of some research that was done somewhere (even though it wasn't referenced in your post). I would actually be very happy if this was the case, though I expect whatever study you post (if any?) will be filled so with confounding bias that it will be useless to draw any conclusions from. If you want to stand as a liberal, please provide some facts, not just more talking points that those idiots at fox news love to spew. You're no better than them.

As I said before, you are complaining about a 2 square foot campaign poster that is intended to be read by passing cars. Of course the message is grossly is really intended for name recognition only. If you disagree with the candidate and you have your entire blog to use, why not post something more substantial. I would love for the liberals to be right and guide us down the road to a new utopia of health care for all and farmers markets. Prove me right.

EvilElf said...

Hi Justin, I would wager that I have voted for as many, if not more Republican presidential candidates than you. I guess when the entire spectrum shifts to the right, those standing in the same spot as always stand a good chance of being now called "liberal." Well, if labeling is what helps you understand things, that is fine.

There is more than one study regarding what I said about businesses relocating due to quality of life and education. Here is a link. Pick whatever one you want.

I suspect that you have it all figured out and no amount of evidence will ever sway you from the comfort of your ideology.

Lucas said...

As the man said: "You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to your own set of facts."

The other odd coincidence is that cities that have higher taxes and more jobs also trend democratic/liberal. Hmmmm, interesting.

My question to you, Justin, is how are we supposed to support cities and state governments without taxes? And since I am sure you are going to tell me that tax cuts actually lead to HIGHER government revenues, here's an article for you to look at:

If you don't have good roads, effective public transportation, enough police/fire coverage to keep the populace safe and good education for our children you are going to see people leaving your town. In droves. They will go somewhere where their kids get smart, their stuff doesn't get stolen with impunity and they aren't paying for an alignment every year due to the crappy roads. And the place they go to will most likely have higher taxes. As an intellectual exercise people hate paying taxes, but when the rubber meets the road (ha!) they want the things those taxes pay for.