Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Coast to Coast - It rocks.

When I first started working at my station, about eight years ago, my officer was Chuck Mauro. If you know Chuck, you know that he is a great guy. One night when we stumbled to the engine for a call, Chuck was mumbling about something he was listening to on the radio. He explained that every night he listened to Coast to Coast whether at home or at the station. Chuck would often comment that it was a seamless transition between the station alarm going off for a guy who is complaining about being pestered by werewolves while Chuck was listening to a "vampire" disclose his dating tips, stories about a bottomless hole near Yakima or a wheelchair-bound sasquatch hunter on Coast to Coast. In other words, when we weren't putting out fires or going on heart attacks in the middle of the night, it seemed like we were dealing with a lot of the same issues Coast to Coast dealt with.

I always like that the host, George Noory, is very kind to his guests and really lets them tell their stories - and they are great stories. I think that as firefighter/EMTs/Paramedics, when we do our job well, we do the same thing. George Noory would probably be a good fireman. The same could be said for Art Bell, the guy who started it all.

For a few years I have subscribed to the Coast to Coast podcast. It costs $50 a year and is totally worth it. I never listen to music on long bike rides, just podcasts and this is a favorite. Last night, we had eight runs between midnight and 5 am. In the 15 minutes between calls, I was treated to this on Coast to Coast:

Here is the Coast to Coast website. You can listen to some stuff, look at some pictures, or subscribe to the podcast.

The Atlantic did a nice story on George Noory too.


EvilElf said...

I forgot to mention, I am glad that the caller is pro-bigfoot. A $250,000 fine for anyone who even shoots at a bigfoot (unprovoked) seems reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, $250,000 does seem reasonable. Wade

michael said...

Hey, can we all ride bikes and drink beer together again soon?
I think Beth and I need a good three hours of gut busting laughter with you guys!